Mah Jongg on Octantis sailing on June 6, 2024 (2024)

The specific Cruise Critic Roll Call thread for your ship, line, and sail date is theONLYplace on the Cruise Critic message boards where you and your fellow Roll Call thread membersare allowed topost personal ads about sharing private tours, excursions or transportation with each other to save money. There is a "captive audience" there since you are all sailing together!Your fellow Roll Call thread members may have important information posted in your Roll Call thread.Especially thosethat may have sailedyour line, ship or itinerarybefore. Also, they may have already posted share requests that may interest you.Roll Callsare for Cruise Critic members on the same cruise. They get to know one another on line before their cruise sothere will be all kinds of discussion in the Roll Call thread for their cruise!

Once you locate the Roll Call thread for your specific line, ship and sail date if one is already created, first read through the whole thread to get to know the other Cruise Critic members sailing with you. Then use the dark blueReply to this topicbutton to join the Roll Call by posting an introductory post about yourself on the Roll Call thread. When done with your message, click the dark blueSubmit Replybutton.

If you want to address a particular post already in the thread, be sure to use theQuotefeature on that post as I did yours above. That way all will be aware of what your post concerns.Click theQuotefunction on the post you want to address. When the Message Reply box opens, the quote appears in a box at the top. You type your messageUNDERthe quote box. When done with your message, click the dark blueSubmit Replybutton.If the member you quoted has used theFollowfeature on the thread, they will get a notification that you have replied to their post.

If a Roll Call thread for your specific line, ship & sail date has NOT been created, please feel free to create it!Just follow the directions inHow To: Create A New Roll Call. Please make sure you use the complete alpha date format for the sail date in the Roll Call thread title so theFind your Roll Call Search Toolcan work correctly.Example: January 01, 2025.Then sit back and wait for your fellow Cruise Critic members sailing with you to join in by posting on the thread. They will appreciate you starting the Roll Call! And don't worry about any responsibilities in starting a Roll Call thread.Roll Calls belong to everyone; there is no designated leader or owner. It does not matter who started the thread.

The CruiseCritic website and message boards are both great resources for new as well as experienced cruisers andwe are so glad you found us! Please feel free to browse theCruise Critic Communitycategorieslist of the various forums.I suggest you Bookmark the page or put it in your Favorites for easy access in the future.Please read a fewthreads inthe different forumsto get a feel forwhateachforumis about.Make sure youread any pinned threads (akaStickies) on the top of the first page of threads in most forums. You will findvery importantinstructions or informationthere.

Please remember the following portion from theGuidelineswe all agreed to follow when registering for our free Cruise Critic memberships:

Browse Before You Post
Browse a topic first to see if your question has already been asked or answered by someone else. Also, many of the major cruise lines forums have a FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) topic that has been created by our members. Give that a try first. Browsing is your #1 best resource! Please post your messages in an appropriate topic so that you'll receive the best possible response. It is very time consuming to move misplaced messages that are in the wrong topics.

Anytime you need tostart a new thread on a forum, first make sure you are in the correct forum for your topic.Word your new thread titlein a way to helpthe members know exactly the information you seek.This greatly helps the membersbrowsing through the thread titlesand if theyknow the information,theywill post repliesto you.

Also, it is best to limit each inquiry to onlyonetopicsuch as one cruise line, one ship,one port of call, etc. and of course, on the correct forum.You will get more replies that way. Be sure to mention your cruise line, ship, sail date or port in your message if that sort of information will help your fellow Cruise Critic members answer you.

And if you ever need technical help in regard tousing the Cruise Critic message board software, come back to theNeed Help Using the Forums? Check Here!forum. You will see a large amount of "How to..." pinned threads toward the top of the forum's first page. Also, browse through the threads inthe forumlooking forthreadsof interest. Again, you may find your fellow Cruise Critic membershave already posted questions and received answers that may be of interest to you.

So sorry this is so long, but Isincerely hope this will be helpful to someone new to posting on our message boards. We are glad to have youaboard Cruise Critic!

Happy sails,

Host Kat

Edited to add:

You can post your email in posts on any boards. However, we value the privacy and security of our members. That is why we ask foranonymoususer names! We suggest that if a personal email address is posted on one of our boards, itshould be postedaswhatever nameat whereverdot comwith spaces & spelling the words "at" and "dot". In your case it would be as follows: 1nicestlady at gmail dot com

This should help prevent harvesting by spambots. Most members will know what you are doing. Or, set up another special email account just for correspondence relating to the Cruise Critic message boards.

Edited by Host Kat
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Mah Jongg on Octantis sailing on June 6, 2024 (2024)
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