How Faze Banks Achieve a Net Worth of $13 Million? (In 2023) (2024)

How Faze Banks Achieve a Net Worth of $13 Million? (In 2023) (1)

FaZe Banks refers to a popular American digital influencer, entrepreneur, content creator, crypto investor, composer, music producer, songwriter, and former professional Call of Duty player. Banks rose to fame and great prominence as an internet personality and founding member of FaZe Clan, an esports organization known for its overwhelming presence and success in the realms of gaming, content creation, and competitive gaming.

If you are a gamer or entrepreneur with career objectives as lofty as FaZe Banks, read on to learn how this unique individual amassed a remarkable sum of wealth while making a career out of what he loved to do as a child and as an adult.

Net WorthIt is estimated to be approximately $13 million, as noted by Sportskeeda Wiki & Wealthy Gorilla. (2023)
Age32 years old.
FromBorn in Lawrence, Massachusetts - USA
Primary Income Sources- YouTubing.
- CEO as FaZe Clan – an independent division of GameSquare Holdings, Inc.
- Merchandise Sales.
- Current & Previous Brand Endorsem*nts/Sponsorships – Nissan, G Fuel, Verizon, Steel Series, and more.
- Sale of the company FaZe Clan.
Social Media Following- Instagram – 2.8 million followers.
- Twitter – 2.7 million followers.
- YouTube – 5+ million followers.
- FaZe Clan Gaming Channel has 8.5 million subscribers with over 685 million total video views.
Key Highlights- Gained Prominence Playing/Managing/Growing FaZe Clan – an esports organization.
- Popular YouTuber and digital personality.
- Calls himself an internet gangster.
Assets OwnedAs his fame has risen, Faze Banks has displayed an affinity for luxury real estate through various investments.
- Owns a lavish mansion in the Hollywood Hills - the Clout House – with incredible coastal and mountain views and modern amenities for $14 million. This purchase reflects Banks’ opulent taste.
- Banks has quite an impressive car collection with a value that is estimated to exceed half a million dollars.

Early Life and Career of FaZe Banks

Richard Bengtson (also known as Ricky Banks, FaZe Banks, or simply Banks) was born on the 18th of October 1991 in Lawrence, Massachusetts. He grew up in Miami until he was seven when his family moved to Lowell, Florida, a tiny town in north-to-mid-central Florida’s Marion County – which is best known for its nearby women’s prison.

Banks was a restless young man and a bit of a prankster and often found himself getting into a heap of trouble as a kid. He was fortunate to find that as a huge gaming fan, he was also an elite gamer. His gaming future began the day he received a Nintendo 64 from his dad and learned how to play Super Mario.

Recognized for his short fuse and quick temper, Banks has been consistently honest about the mental health challenges he has personally faced. Given the millions that follow him, he has also chosen to use his global platform in a positive manner to advocate for his audience and fans to stay both physically and mentally healthy.

FaZe Banks Career Highlights

Banks stands at 6-foot-5, with a signature hat that drives his consistently profitable brand image. Despite the controversies and conflicts that have marked his career, Banks has managed to sustain prominence in an often-fickle online space, which speaks to his staying power, resilience, and adaptability in an ever-evolving market.


In 2011, Banks began his career on YouTube and founded CloutGang, a YouTube group that has amassed more than 5 million followers and an impressive video view total that exceeds 380 million. Banks first rose to prominence after his short video clips - lasting no more than one minute, included trick-shotting people.

  • Banks’ first YouTube channel was initially named BanksHasBanks but was eventually changed to what became his defining channel on YouTube - FaZe Banks.
  • Banks’ first video to be released was The Single Greatest SoaRing In Style.
  • Early on, Banks branched out with the content on his YouTube channel, offering viewers a variety of digital entertainment options like vlogs, challenges, and pranks.
  • Banks released Reacting to My Girlfriends’ Vines, which had 16 million views on YouTube and continues to collaborate creatively with fellow CloutGang members - Alissa Violet, Sommer Ray, and others.


While his YouTube career began accelerating, Banks ventured into the realm of gaming by joining a club known as FaZe Clan – a gamer’s group with the goal of playing the game “Call of Duty” at serious elite levels.

For those unfamiliar, FaZe Clan was founded in 2010, and as a company, they revolutionized personality-focused content creation. The company quickly became popular in the gaming and esports communities and has had reason to celebrate as they have garnered several esports championships in the recent past. 2013 was also the year -

  • Banks changed the name of his YouTube channel to FaZe Banks.
  • Banks' fame continues to rise as he gets viral frags on FaZe Bank's Call Of Duty YouTube channel.
  • Banks played a crucial role in expanding the Faze Clan’s online presence, which eventually led to his own success and fame.


Banks and another Clan member created the first FaZe Clan shared home in Plainview, New York - a suburban town east of New York City on Long Island, New York. The objective of this shared home was to begin to incorporate lifestyle content into their gaming content – a unique perspective that brought great success.


Banks’ YouTube reaches a million subscribers – a huge milestone in the gaming and digital influencing worlds.


Ricky Banks moved to Los Angeles and created a new shared home for his YouTube content creation channel – The Clout House - with no less than ten bedrooms and 16 bathrooms, an in-ground pool, a soundproof recording studio, and a private lake for members of the FaZe Clan.

  • Banks’ YouTube channel doubled its following and reached two million subscribers the next year.
  • FaZe Banks ventured into the music scene, marking his musical debut with the release of the single titled The FaZe Banks Songs.
  • Banks met Alissa Violet – another digital influencer, Instagram model, and Jake Paul’s former girlfriend during this time. The two began dating, and the combined star power of their relationship created a media sensation in the gaming and digital worlds.
  • FaZe Clan was the runner-up in ESL Pro League Season 6.
  • Banks launched the podcast Moms Basem*nt with Colossal is Crazy. The podcast concluded five years later, in 2022.
  • FaZe Clan was the champion of E-league CS - GO Premier – taking home a $500,000 purse for the victor.

During this time, Ricky Banks started focusing more on vlogs and other business ventures with house/clan members while stepping back from his usual gaming.


Banks founded the merchandise brand Banks, which offers a range of branded merchandise, clothing, and accessories that represent FaZe Banks’ popular online brand image.


FaZe Clan, under the production facilities offered by FaZe Studios, released the film Crimson starring Brian "Rug" Awadis.


  • The members of FaZe Clan became the first esports team to be a featured cover for Sports Illustrated.
  • FaZe Clan announced it was merging with various private partners as they developed into a publicly listed security/company – that would become the Voice of Youth Culture. The company would eventually trade on the NASDAQ exchange. The announcement included the anticipated valuation of approximately $1 billion.


In July 2022, FaZe Clan became a publicly traded company with a reduced initial valuation of $725 million. By year’s end, the company struggled financially, with the stock price dropping dramatically due to internal corporate issues.


In October 2023, after some seriously problematic financial issues and a stock price that fell below $1, it was announced that FaZe Clan had been acquired by GameSquare Holdings Inc. for a reported $17 million. Now, FaZe Clan operates as an independent unit within the company’s eSports portfolio. With this acquisition by GameSquare –

  • FaZe Banks became Chief Executive Officer.
  • FaZe Temper took over as President.
  • FaZe Apex assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer.

FaZe Clan surprised the gaming community and their own fans by winning the crown of Halo World Champions in 2021. FaZe Clan beat OpTic Gaming – in a thrilling final match.

And according to FaZe Clan's latest financial reporting requirements, the company's current or 2023 revenue – which is defined by the total amount of income that was generated by the company’s sale of goods or services, is approximately $58 million. In 2022, FaZe Clan’s revenue was $51.21.

How did Faze Banks make his money?

Faze Banks continues to expand his online presence and explore new business opportunities, aiming to solidify his position as a prominent social media figure.

Here are a few highlights of his income over the years -

  • Between 2011 and 2019, Banks’ YouTube channel was extremely popular. With more than 600 million collective views, according to AdSense revenue estimates, Banks would likely generate a decent income during this period.
  • Banks earned handsome sums of money as a hugely successful member of FaZe Clan’s original Call of Duty roster.
  • Reports reveal that FaZe Clan earned more than $9,000,000 via online winnings in 2021 alone.
  • Banks’ current YouTube account generates an estimated $300,000 annually as reported by Net Worth Spot.

Faze Clan Endorsem*nts/Partnerships

The FaZe clan is sponsored by a number of globally recognized brands, which have varied over time but have included –

  • Gamma Lab’s G Fuel - FaZe Clan has partnered with this caffeinated drink mix company for more than a decade, which distinguishes itself as one of the longest promotional esports professionals. G Fuel released FaZe Clan's Battle Juice in 2019.
  • Champion – partnered to release exclusive sportswear from Champion. Champion manufactures most of the clothing released by FaZe.
  • Atlanta Esports Ventures – purchased a Call of Duty league franchise spot.
  • Kapp/CLOT/Designer Warren Lotas – combined with FaZe Clan to sell an exclusive clothing line.
  • Siberia Hills offers a limited edition FaZe Clan hoodie.
  • Nissan – which produced two original series for the Clan’s YouTube channel.
  • 24karats & Manchester City (Professional Soccer Club) – partnered with FaZe Clan for content creation, clothing, and accessories.
  • Had a Booth at Complex - Con 2019 to sell their exclusive line of clothing and accessories.
  • McDonald’s – partnered with FaZe Clan to create content and feature Clan members/stars.
  • DC Comics – combined to create a limited-edition comic book featuring Batman and several members of the FaZe Clan. The comic was written by Josh Trujillo and illustrated by Scot Eaton.
  • Nike – a co-branding effort in which FaZe Clan’s colors will be used to create a Nike shoe. The collaboration debuted in a game played by Sierra Canyon – a private school where LeBron James’ son has played.
  • And Verizon, Reebok, and Steel Series.

Apart from the above-mentioned corporate sponsorships, FaZe Clan offers advertising space on their official team jerseys, which consistently generates revenue for the company and its owners/managers.

FaZe Banks’ Net Worth

Richard Bengston, popularly known as FaZe Banks, is a former professional gamer and American YouTuber who earned his fame thanks to the trick-shotting videos that he started posting to the platform in 2011. He is also one of the most popular social media personalities in the States.

FaZe Bank’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $13 million, as noted by Sportskeeda Wiki & Wealthy Gorilla. (2023) However, other estimates of Banks’ net worth reach as high as $30 million. (Equity Atlas).

Banks purchased a luxury Hollywood Hills home several years ago for $14 million. Based on simple math and recent appreciation, the mansion once rented by Justin Bieber may be valued as much as $30 million in 2023 – which would make the estimates by Equity Atlas closer to an accurate picture of FaZe Banks net worth.

Protecting himself, FaZe Clan house members, and his amazing California mansion is a state-of-the-art home security system, which is estimated to include a complex web of 20 exterior security cameras strategically located to monitor action and movement around the property.

  • Banks has quite an impressive car collection that includes -
  • A Ferrari 390 Modena (estimated value - $172,000).
  • A Tesla Model S (estimated value - $94,000).
  • A McLaren MP4 12C (estimated value - $116,000).
  • A Range Rover (estimated value - $100,000) that he gifted to his ex-girlfriend Alissa Violet (AutoBizz).
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How Faze Banks Achieve a Net Worth of $13 Million? (In 2023) (2024)
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