Best Vacuum for Long Hair ~ Top Vacuums for Human Hair (2024)

What are the features that make the best vacuum for long hair? Even the best vacuum cleaner can struggle with long hair. Look for design specifics to prevent clogs and tangles, like a tangle-free brush roll, self-cleaning brush roll, wide intake nozzle, and powerful motor for strong suction. You should also consider an option with a large canister size if you plan to clean up large amounts of hair.

The best vacuums for cleaning up long hair are incredibly versatile, meaning they can do more than just pick up hair. Their powerful suction makes them incredibly capable on both low- and high-pile carpets, as well as on bare surfaces like tile floors. If after cleaning up hair, you need to clean up your yard’s leaves, consider the best commercial leaf vacuum for the job.

These high-end robot vacuums for animal hair also excel in cleaning up pet hair. In fact, many of them are branded as pet vacuums. Homes with pets can’t go wrong with a long hair vacuum cleaner.

Keep reading to learn more about these powerful household cleaning tools and how you can find the best vacuum for long hair to fit your cleaning needs.

Top Vacuums for Long Hair

#1 Hoover MAXLife Pet Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT:We love this vacuum cleaner for cleaning stubborn pet hair, as its allergen block technology stops pollen and pet dander from escaping the dust tank. Its large XL-sized dust cup stores the entire dirt of a large house and doesn’t need to be emptied frequently. And it also has powerful suction for deep cleaning any surface without hassle.


  • Extremely powerful suction
  • Superb filtration
  • Extra-large dust tank


  • The quick-release hatches aren’t built very well
  • It might damage some flooring materials

Despite the Hoover MAXLife Pet Vacuum Cleaner’s superb suction power, it also has a unique air filtration system for blocking 97% of every type of allergen as small as 0.01 micron without much difficulty. And it comes with a ton of pet hairbrushes and other pet dander cleaning tools. As a result, it is a perfect vacuum cleaner for users who have multiple pets in their households. However, its suction power might become a double-edged sword on certain surfaces, as it might damage the flooring material. There are specific vacuum models out there designed for certain surfaces, like the best hand vacuum for pet hair can be suitable for upholstery.

Thankfully, it includes a large dust canister. And due to that, it does not require frequent emptying while cleaning, which can become a massive headache for the user, especially with such a large vacuum cleaner. Best of all, it has separate modes for above-floor cleaning, and it has a long power cord for tough to reach corners. And on top of that, it has a comprehensive four-level height adjust system for reaching below different furnitures without bending down. It also comes with separate dusting and crevice tools. If you need to clean a staircase as well, check out the top-rated vacuum for stairs.

#2 Eureka Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT:At only 7.7 pounds, we love how light this vacuum cleaner is. Its dust cup holds up to 2.2 liters of dirt without overflowing. The dust cup also has an easy empty feature for disposing of the dust hygienically without spilling anything. Its exhaust filtration also consists of a foam filter for preventing liquid spillage and water streak marks.


  • It weighs only 7.7 pounds
  • The dust cup holds up to 2.2 liters of dirt
  • Excellent suction power


  • Subpar exhaust air filtration
  • Small suction area
  • Subpar build quality

Even though the Eureka Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner is packed to the brim with all of the required features for deep cleaning of different surfaces, it weighs only 7.7 pounds in total. It also features a quick-release handle that detaches the central vacuum cleaning part from its large body for cleaning above-floor areas effortlessly. But its exhaust port consists of a flawed filtration system that fails to block out micro dust particles from flying back up, degrading the air quality in the process.

But despite the poor exhaust filtration, its large dust tank holds up to 2.2 liters of dust, which is way more than enough for cleaning a massive house all in one go. In addition, its crevice tool has a built-in brush for dislodging stubborn dust particles from soft surfaces without causing any damage to the cloth material. It also works as a Wet/Dry vacuum cleaner, which means that it can even pick up liquid from surfaces in a proper manner without causing any major spillage. If you need something specifically for cleaning up after your pets, there’s always the best vacuum for pet hair.

#3 Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT:This vacuum cleaner’s exhaust port has an excellent multi-level air filtration system that prevents even the smallest of dust particles from flying back up in the air. Its motorized brush heads rid themselves of tangled pet hair and other stuck particles without requiring any user intervention. It also has a slim and modern-looking low-profile body.


  • Excellent zero tangle motorized brush heads
  • Superb air filtration
  • Striking looks and build quality


  • Multiple reliability issues
  • Lower than expected suction power
  • Long charging times

The Shark IZ363HT Anti-Allergen Vacuum Cleaner sports a super-slim body that feels exceptionally premium in hand. It also looks highly modern and futuristic in its wall-mountable charging holster and matches up well with almost every theme and environment. In addition, it runs for about 50 minutes non-stop on a single charge, which is some of the highest you can get in its range. But its charging time also suffers due to that, as it takes close to 4 hours in order to charge up fully from zero.

It has multiple motorized brush heads on its vacuuming head for dislodging sticky dust molecules from hardwood floors, but that’s not all. Those brush heads also feature the brand’s patented anti-tangle technology for cleaning themselves up after every use without requiring any manual interference on behalf of the user. And that makes the overall maintenance process way simpler and less time-consuming. Best of all, it quickly transforms into a hand vacuum cleaner for cleaning walls and car seats/interiors, and the suction performance stays relatively the same. If pet hair is taking over your home, we also recommend you take a look at the best canister vacuum.

#4 BISSELL MultiClean Allergen Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT:We appreciate this vacuum cleaner’s high suction power. And despite coming with a large body, it is fairly portable thanks to its modular design. It also has tangle-free motorized brush rolls on its vacuum head for easier maintenance and an extensive air filtration system that does not let almost any dust molecule pass back on to the environment from its exhaust port.


  • Extremely powerful suction
  • The fantastic air filtration system
  • Tangle-free motorized brush rolls


  • Tiny suction area
  • Subpar build quality
  • Many reliability and quality control issues

Although the BISSELL MultiClean Allergen Vacuum Cleaner has a small vacuuming head (small foot width), its excellent suction power trumps that for deep cleaning. And that small vacuuming head allows users to use it in any tight areas for cleaning. On top of that, it has bright LED headlights on its vacuuming head that help users see inside a dark room. However, its small suction area might not bode well while cleaning a large area, as you may need a few more passes to cover every floor surface.

While it may not have the most expansive suction port, this vacuum cleaner’s exhaust port does have an extensive multi-stage air filtration system for blocking microparticles from escaping the dust tank. And it successfully captures 99.7 percent of all airborne particles for keeping the air quality intact. It also has an extremely long and retractable power cord for providing a large cleaning area depending on your space, and it has dual motorized brush rolls for wiping off ugly streaks and stubborn dirt from shiny hardwood flooring.

You must see how it compares to another similar vacuum, as you’ll see in our Bissell Aeroslim review.

#5 ORFELD Cordless 20000Pa Vacuum Cleaner

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WHY WE LIKE IT:This vacuum cleaner stays extremely silent during operation. Even at its max mode, it does not make any audible noise that can be heard without putting your ear right up to the motor. And that is supremely helpful while your pets or baby is asleep, as you might not want to disturb them mid-sleep.


  • Extremely low noise levels
  • Exceptionally bright LED headlight
  • Superb suction power


  • Subpar versatility
  • Cheap plastic build
  • The dust tank could have been bigger

The ORFELD Cordless 20000Pa Vacuum Cleaner has multi-surface cleaning capabilities, thanks to the slew of deep cleaning features that are packed into it. It has two separate suction modes for hardwood floors and soft carpet flooring, and its easy-to-use control panel screen gives real-time updates of the mode and the current suction power for the user’s convenience. It even comes with two separate motorized rolling brushes for hard and soft floors. However, its cheap plastic build does hold it back a bit, especially in terms of looks.

Despite the cheap finish, it has a modular body. And that means most of its parts are detachable. As a result, the main vacuuming portion can easily be detached for cleaning cars or couches efficiently in the handheld mode. Best of all, its whole body weighs only 4.5 pounds and can be effortlessly carried almost anywhere without any hassle. It also does not cross the 68 decibels threshold under any circ*mstance (thanks to dual exhaust), making it one of the quietest vacuum cleaners in its range.

#6 Kenmore Elite DS4090 Vacuum Cleaner


WHY WE LIKE IT:It has an excellent pumping strength of up to 18000 pa at its max mode, which is more than enough for plucking up even the most stubborn dust particles without leaving a trace. On top of that, it weighs below five pounds, which helps provide excellent versatility right out of the box without any modifications. And its extra-large dust cup is a big plus for large homes.


  • Extremely long runtime of up to 50 minutes
  • Amazing suction power
  • Extra-large dust cup


  • It might not be the best option for soft carpet floors
  • Subpar build quality
  • No digital screen for checking the current mode; only indicator lights are present

Despite weighing just under five pounds, the Kenmore Elite DS4090 Vacuum Cleaner is packed to the brim with different cleaning modes for most surfaces. It runs up to 50 minutes continuously on a full charge. But that does not mean it lacks high suction power, far from it. In fact, at its peak, it can generate up to 18000 pascals of suction power, thanks to its efficient dual motor system. However, such high suction power might damage soft flooring materials like carpet, and the motors are not very optimized for that.

Thankfully, this vacuum cleaner’s exhaust port does consist of an authentic HEPA filter that helps capture 99.97 percent of all dust molecules as small as 0.3 microns, effectively stopping them from floating back up in the air. And its dust tank holds up to 1-liter dust, which should be just enough to hold the entire dirt of a medium to a large-sized house. Its modular design also allows the user to easily convert it into a hand vac for above-floor cleaning and to clean the interiors of a car. Its included wall-mountable charging dock also functions very well for easy storage.

Beginner’s Guide to Vacuums for Long Hair

What Are Vacuums for Long Hair?

A vacuum for long hair is a powerful vacuum cleaner that offers specific features and strong suction power to pick up long human hair and pet hair easily. Just like you’d find in the best robot vacuums for pet hair. These vacuum cleaners are also well-equipped to clean all kinds of other messes around your home, making them incredibly versatile and powerful vacuum cleaners.

Vacuums for Long Hair vs. Traditional Vacuums

When you place the best vacuum cleaner for hair next to a standard household vacuum cleaner, you may not notice much difference between the two. Depending on the type of vacuum cleaner you purchase, you’ll get the same essential core functionality and form factor.

The differences in long hair vacuum cleaners come into play when you consider specific design features and functionality. The best vacuum cleaner for long hair typically features a tangle-free brush roll, a wide intake port, and powerful suction to handle long strands without getting tangled. These features will keep your vacuum for long hair from getting clogged and tangled, while standard household vacuum cleaners may struggle. These specialized vacuums will also be more efficient in worry-free hair cleaning versus sweeping long hair manually, in case you were considering a broom vs vacuum.

How Vacuums for Long Hair Work

When it comes to the core operation of a vacuum cleaner, these models operate in the same way as the vast majority. Once powered on, the vacuum’s motor spins a fan to blow air out of the exhaust port. This change in air pressure creates a vacuum effect at the intake port, which then sucks up hair and other debris.

Do You Really Need a Vacuum for Long Hair?

Did you know humans shed an average of 100 strands of hair every day? Plus, if you have any pets in your home, you add all the pet hair to the mix, too. So if you constantly struggle to keep up with cleaning up all the hair in your home, then you can’t go wrong with the best vacuum for hair.

If your current vacuum keeps getting clogged and tangled from picking up long hair, then it’s definitely time to upgrade to a model that can handle the mess. Long hair vacuum cleaners are designed specifically with more power to pick up hair and prevent it from clogging everything up.

Is a Vacuum for Long Hair Worth Buying?

  • You and Others in Your Home Have Long Hair: The main reason for purchasing the best vacuum to pick up hair is if there is a lot of hair to pick up. If you or anyone else in your home has long hair, you’re likely experiencing clumps of hair all over your home. Most vacuums can clean up small amounts of hair with ease, but the more you clean, the more likely your vacuum will get tangled and clogged. Vacuums for long hair are designed to prevent tangles and clogs.
  • You Have Pets with Long Hair: The best vacuum for human hair is also often well-equipped to handle long and heavy pet hair. In fact, many vacuums in this category are marketed as pet hair vacuums. The strong suction power and uniquely designed brush rolls break up any kind of hair, so it doesn’t tangle or clog.
  • You Need Powerful and Flexible Cleaning: The features that make these vacuums so good for cleaning long hair are also well-suited for cleaning the rest of your home. The adjustability, strong suction power, and included accessories help clean up all kinds of debris around your home. If you want a comprehensive, all-in-one cleaning solution, these vacuums are an excellent choice. If you need strong power but only need to clean up a single person or pet’s long hair, a model like the best shop vac gets the job done quickly.

Why a Vacuum for Long Hair May Not Be For You

  • Your Vacuum Doesn’t Get Tangled Up with Hair: Whether you don’t have long hair or you clean up your hair manually before vacuuming, you may not need to purchase a vacuum for long hair if you haven’t had tangles or clogs in the past. In this case, a standard household vacuum cleaner will do just fine.
  • You Are Looking to Save Money: The best vacuums for long hair offer premium features and functionality, meaning they’re more expensive on average than standard options. So if you’re on a tight budget, you may need to consider something else at a more affordable price.

How Long Will a Vacuum for Long Hair Last?

Even though the best vacuum for long human hair goes through more heavy-duty cleaning cycles than standard options, it should still last you anywhere between five to seven years on average. Professional cleaners like those at Classic Cleaners have experienced this average on the vacuums they use.

However, you may get more lifespan out of your vacuum than you might expect, especially if you treat it right. With vacuums, the saying “You get what you pay for” is especially true. If you opt for a more expensive, premium vacuum, then you’ll likely get 10+ years out of it.

The better you treat your vacuum for long hair, the longer it will last as well. If you don’t clean your vacuum and empty its dust canister regularly, it can actually decrease the vacuum’s overall life expectancy. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, perform regular maintenance on your vacuum to get the longest product life possible.

How to Choose the Best Vacuum for Long Hair

To find and purchase the best vacuum for cat litter, we recommend first identifying the key features you should consider and then finding the vacuum that fits those considerations. Keep reading to learn more about the key features you can’t overlook.

FeatureVacuums for Long HairTraditional Vacuums
DesignBest for long hair; tangle-free, wide intakeStandard design; less effective with hair
FunctionalityStrong suction; prevents clogs/tanglesStandard suction; prone to hair clogs
SuitabilityHomes with long-haired individuals/petsGeneral cleaning; not hair-optimized
Key FeaturesTangle-free roll, wide port, transparent canisterBasic features; limited hair handling
AttachmentsSpecialized for hair (crevice, upholstery, rotating brushes)Standard; less focused on hair

Vacuum for Long Hair Key Factors to Consider

1. What type of vacuum cleaner is best for cleaning up long hair?

There are various types of vacuums available on the market today, and while all of them are handy cleaning tools, not all of them are good for cleaning up long hair. Let’s look at each type of vacuum and its pros and cons:

  • Upright: In general, upright vacuums are considered the most powerful available on the market. They also have many additional attachments and features like brush rolls, detachable hoses, and lots of adjustability. An upright vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for cleaning hair, but it is heavier and larger than other types of vacuum. Still, it’ll be able to pull hair from carpet more easily than some other models. The top high pile carpet vacuum happens to be an upright model too, and it can tackle picking up long hair from carpet fibers versus other models.
  • Stick: Stick vacuums are upright vacuums with a more portable and lightweight design. Most consumers would agree that a cordless stick vacuum is the best for cleaning both human hair and pet hair. A cordless vacuum cleaner still offers as much power as most traditional upright vacuums despite a slimmer design. Plus, the cordless vacuum configuration allows you to reach all the tight spaces around your home with ease since you won’t have to worry about tripping on power cords.
Best Vacuum for Long Hair ~ Top Vacuums for Human Hair (12)
  • Canister: This type of vacuum offers a similar level of performance as a traditional upright vacuum cleaner but with a different design and form factor. Canister vacuums feature a canister body on wheels with a long extendable hose as the intake port. Unfortunately, a canister vacuum typically doesn’t have a beater bar or roller brush, so it usually won’t make for the best vacuum for hair on carpet. A canister vacuum can still be an excellent vacuum for spot cleaning on a variety of surfaces.
  • Robot: Depending on the model you purchase, a robot vacuum cleaner can be a good option for anyone looking to clean hair without being too involved. Robot vacuums are completely autonomous after some initial programming, which is nice for anyone who isn’t home very often or who doesn’t have time for extensive vacuuming. Not all robotic vacuums are powerful enough to pick up large clumps of hair, but most options feature tangle-free brush rolls and shorter internal components to prevent clogging. This is important because you want your robotic vacuum to last as long as possible.
  • Handheld: A handheld vacuum cleaner can clean up long hair in a pinch if you have nothing else available to you. However, like with robot vacuums, a handheld vacuum cleaner often doesn’t offer enough power to clean up large clumps of long hair. That said, their portability, battery life, and lightweight designs make them ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

2. What type of flooring do you have in your home?

The different flooring types in your home can have a huge impact on the exact model of vacuum you purchase. Let’s look at the two most common floor types and what you’ll need to vacuum on them:

  • Carpet: If you have carpeted flooring in your home, you absolutely need a vacuum with a beater bar or brush roll, which rotates while you vacuum to agitate the carpet fibers. This agitation dislodges the hairs from your carpet so they can be sucked up. Depending on the type of carpet you have in your home, you may want to get the best vacuum for high-pile carpet or the best vacuum for shag carpet.
  • Bare: If you just have bare floors in your home, like hardwood floor or tile, you won’t necessarily need a vacuum with a beater bar or brush roll, for the best vacuum with no beater bar is well-suited for all types of hardwood floors and won’t damage them. Instead, look for vacuums with enough suction power to pick up long hair.

3. What features specifically made for tackling long hair do you need?

The best vacuum to pick up hair also needs to prevent clogs and tangles. There are a few advanced features to consider, including:

  • Tangle-free brush roll: If your vacuum has a brush roll, you need to find one with a tangle-free configuration. Long hair can easily get twisted around the beater bar, requiring you to cut it up and pull it out manually. The best vacuums in this category are designed specifically to prevent tangled hair from getting caught in your vacuum.
  • Wide intake port: Vacuums with a wide intake port can handle large amounts of long hair more easily because it allows hair to pass into the canister without getting caught on the way.
  • Transparent canister: Many bagless vacuums feature a transparent dust canister, allowing you to see exactly what you have picked up and when you need to empty it. This can also allow you to see if long hair strands are getting caught in any of the internal mechanical components of your vacuum.
  • Swivel steering: Many modern vacuums offer swivel steering, which gives you the ability to get the hair that makes its way into tight corners and spaces. Swivel steering also makes it much easier to control your vacuum overall.

4. How powerful does your vacuum need to be to clean long hair?

If you purchase a vacuum for long hair that doesn’t offer enough suction power, then you’ll experience clogs and decreased airflow more often than not. You’ll need to purchase an option with enough power both to pick up the hair and carry it to the canister without getting stuck on the way. Corded vacuums generally offer the most power out of all the vacuums, but cordless vacuum cleaner models are quickly catching up. If you’d prefer to invest in a cordless best vacuum for pet hair, then consider investing in one with high-end battery power.

5. What vacuum attachments and accessories do you need?

Most vacuums give you the option of purchasing additional attachments and extra tools that enhance the vacuum’s overall functionality. In the case of vacuums for long hair, you’ll want to look for attachments like these:

  • Crevice tool for reaching tight spaces
  • Upholstery tool for cleaning furniture
  • Rotating brush for cleaning hair from carpets
  • Self-cleaning brushes for less maintenance
  • Combination tool for versatile cleaning all around your home
  • Stair tool for cleaning hair from the nooks and crannies on your staircase
Best Vacuum for Long Hair ~ Top Vacuums for Human Hair (2024)
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